PARC participates in Ealing Race Equality Commission

Parents Action and Resource Centre (PARC) participated in the Ealing Council’s Race Equality Commission’s discussion on Education on 24th June 2021. After outlining the work of the organisation, the discussion went on to cover PARC’s perspectives on education which focused on four main areas: 

  1. Our children do not see themselves in the curriculum – parents have repeatedly outlined that they are anxious for a curriculum that includes African voices and experiences.
  2. Our children do not see themselves in the school – parents stressed the importance of children being able to see themselves within the school workforce at all levels. They see a significant gap between the proportion of Black and Asian teachers compared to the pupil population. 
  3. Many teachers do not have high enough expectations of Black children. Parents have given examples of where their child has been moved to the lower sets in secondary school without justifiable explanation. As a result, an increasing number of parents are considering/have already started homeschooling their children
  4. More has to be done to address the disproportionate rate of school exclusion. This is an issue that has long been a concern for the community and action is long overdue.

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