We are currently developing our campaign programme for 2023 around addressing the inequalities that exist in education. See below for our past campaigns.

More Diverse Curriculum

Dovetailing with efforts across a number of universities, PARC is focusing its efforts on raising the awareness among parents of the need to ensure that children are being taught an inclusive and diverse curriculum. London schools and universities boast high levels of diversity in the cohorts and student bodies however the content of the curriculum and courses still fails to reflect this. PARC is working with a number of universities and its parents to address this issue.

Teacher body to reflect the cohort

Two years ago, the National Union of Teachers pledged to write to every headteacher in England and Wales asking them to ensure their teaching staff reflect the communities in which they work. This was in response to research that showed despite the increasingly diverse cohorts across London and in many parts of the UK, there are few Black role models within the school setting. Research both in the UK and the US highlight the importance of role models to which the children can aspire and so PARC sees this as an important area of focus.

Unconscious bias campaign for all teaching staff

PARC launched its Check your bias campaign at the University of Westminster Marylebone campus on Saturday 10 February 2017 with discussion on its impact on the disproportionate number of school exclusions of Black children and young people. The campaign includes a petition to the School Standards Minister. PARC is currently working with its membership and supporters to push for change in teacher training so that Black children and young people are treated more fairly in the education system, from preschool through to further and higher education.