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Parents Action and Resource Centre formed in February 2016. Our mission is to address the inequalities that currently exist in the education system and help create an inclusive education system for all.

Our Objectives 

Provide a space for children and young people to develop academic and cultural excellence.

Develop teacher competency in culturally relevant pedagogy.

Enable parents to combine their efforts and resources so that they can influence policy and decision making in relation to the education of Black children and young people

Provide the space for parents to network so that they can share best practice in education and be a source of support for each other.

Effectively advocate on behalf of parents and students with regards to their education rights.

Provide parents with information, advice and guidance on education legislation, research, school policies, guidelines and practices.

Ade Banjoko, Director

Ade Banjoko is a founding member and current chair of PARC. Outside of his work with PARC, Ade works full-time for a university union and has previously worked in the legal field (education and immigration). He is jointly responsible for developing the organisation’s vision and strategy.

Louise Brown, Director

Louise Brown is a director and founding member of PARC. She currently leads the West London Black Teachers Hub, the teacher arm of PARC, based in Northolt. Louise is a full-time class teacher and has previously led and worked with a number of community organisations focused on addressing gender and race inequalities. Louise is jointly responsible for developing the organisation’s vision and strategy