Teachers from across West London came together at Northolt Village Community Centre, to discuss how they could work together to support the academic success of Black children and youth in London. Dr Patricia Rodney, CEO of Partners in Health, Education and Development, a domestic and international public health consultancy organisation was invited to launch the hub.

Rodney underlined that parents, teachers and children need to act as we are operating in a challenging environment, explain to the children who they are and hear them tell their own stories. She also highlighted that it was key for parents and teachers to empower children with a belief of self, encourage dialogue and be ready to stand up for them.

Louise Brown, director of PARC commented on the launch, “As a teacher and a parent, I believe it is as important as it ever was for us to work together to unlock the potential of Black children and youth. Our hope is that this newly formed group will allow teachers to share knowledge, tips and advice with parents in a supportive environment.”

For more information about PARC and/or the West London Black Teachers Hub, contact Louise at info@parentsactionresource.org.uk.

For more information about the Walter Rodney Foundation, visit the website: https://www.walterrodneyfoundation.org/