Parents Action and Resource Centre (PARC) launched the Queen Nzinga Saturday School Club at Northolt Village Community Centre on Saturday 3rd October. The weekly three-hour session is aimed at children and young people aged from 7 to 13 years with the objective of all achieving both academic and cultural excellence. 

At the launch event, children had the chance to explore literacy through the story of Queen Nzinga as well as perform a role play based on historical events of the queen’s life. They also received an energetic masterclass in African drumming.

Commenting on the session Louise Brown, director of PARC said, “Education is not only about passing tests but also about reconnecting our children with their history and with who they are. This is crucial to ensure they can achieve high academic standards and also have high self esteem confidence and resilience.”

Parents Action and Resource Centre (PARC) is an independent community organisation based at Northolt Village Community Centre, Ealing Road, Northolt UB5 6AD. It aims to address inequalities in education by supporting parents and empowering communities. It carries out a number of different activities including: regular ‘listening hubs’ for parents and educators to network and share best practice; exclusions advocacy training and clinic; inclusive curriculum development support and education advice. Email: Tel:07393 426227. 

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