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Black students must see societies as more than just having parties

Societies play an important role in developing leadership skills for Black students

Dauda Barry at Black Parents Conference 2017

At the London Black Parents and Youth Conference, held at London Metropolitan University in collaboration with PARC, on Saturday 28 October, Dauda Barry, former president of the Queen Mary University Pan African Society stressed the importance of joining student societies.

“Students need to see that university is not just an opportunity to gain a degree or other qualification but also, arguably, more importantly, to gain the tools to become an active participant in society and in their respective communities,” commented Dauda Barry.
London Metropolitan University student ambassadors at the conference confirmed this as they talked about the various extra-curricular opportunities that they had taken up since joining the university.
Parents were given an opportunity to ask questions to the ambassador-led youth panel regarding how their children could take advantage of these opportunities in further and higher education.
For more information on London Metropolitan University and/or the Parents Action and Resource Centre, email: info@parentsactionresource.org.uk



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