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PARC demands unconscious bias training for all teachers



The recent race audit report, published by the government in October 2017, highlights that Black Caribbean pupils were permanently excluded at three times the rate of White British pupils during the 2016 to 2017 academic year. It also states that, during this period, Black and Mixed race pupils were the most likely to be permanently excluded and to have a fixed term exclusion. According to research in this area, unconscious bias plays a role in high rates of exclusion among these groups.

Unconscious bias also impacts:

  • teacher beliefs – underestimating the intellectual capacity of Black children and young people
  • tracking – Black children placed in lower sets throughout their school careers.

PARC has initiated a campaign to improve the situation by launching a petition and asking the secretary of state responsible for school standards to implement a programme of unconscious bias training for initial teacher training and continuing professional development.

Chair of PARC, Ade Banjoko, “Whilst we fully recognise that a training course will not result in a dramatic fall in exclusions overnight, in the longer term, it will have the desired impact of reducing the number of exclusions – not just for Black Caribbean pupils but for all those who are disproportionately excluded from school. This includes the Irish traveller pupils, Roma pupils and those pupils with special educational needs.”

If you agree with this proposal and wish to strengthen our campaign, please sign the petition.

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