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Getting the information we need to support Black youth


How do you get parents to help themselves and their children when it comes to school exclusions?

“You don’t want to approach teachers just in case your child will be treated differently. My child forgot her reading diary three times and the teacher mentioned ‘exclusion’ to her which made me worry about her. I also worry about how to deal with the situation should she be at a real risk of exclusion. I want to be tooled up.”

Got the Message?


How to create more positive and nourishing images for your child

Ade Banjoko, founder and director of PARC, shared the organisation’s views on the importance of offering Black children a different story or narrative to the one that is given in the mainstream media, through television, video games and music, for example.

Walk the Walk


Can’t get your child away from the iPad?

Avril Nanton, specialist in statues of and by people of African descent around London, says that your child would be impressed by the numerous (up to 28) different statues on her London walks. They include statues such as Nelson Mandela, Mary Seacole and art by revered artist Yinka Shonibare.

Stan Firm Inna Inglan @ The Tate


Tate Britain celebrates Black Diaspora

 Did you know that the Tate is featuring the Black Diaspora at the moment?

Well, yes it is. We know that there is a wealth of artistic contribution coming from those of African and Caribbean heritage here in the Diaspora. And, as part of its Stan Firm Inna Inglan exhibition which runs until November 2017, on Friday 7 April, Tate Britain ran an evening programme across the art gallery focused on the contribution of those who travelled to London from West Africa and the Caribbean.